Firefly Publicity Provides Social Media Marketing Services

Firefly Publicity

Firefly Publicity has added social media marketing services to its portfolio of professional public relations services. Learn how you or your business can use social media to build your brand and increase sales.

Facebook Social Marketing

Smart marketers are taking advantage of the power of Facebook to cost-effectively build relationships with consumers, tell their brand story and sell their products and services. Over 60 million Americans are active Facebook users. Firefly Publicity can help companies develop a Facebook strategy and objectives, set-up a Page and manage postings. We can also provide staff training so you can manage this important activity in-house.

Twitter, LinkedIn and Blog Marketing

Firefly Publicity can explain the pros and cons of these e-marketing tactics and help you determine if they would be effective ways to communicate with your target audience. Firefly Publicity can implement these tactics for you or train your staff to manage these activities to gain valuable exposure for your company. As an early adopter of these techniques, Firefly Publicity can share with you the fastest, easiest ways to achieve results.

About Firefly Publicity

Get your company in front of consumers

Our efforts maximize your marketing budget and help generate free press coverage. Firefly Publicity is a public relations firm committed to helping companies gain the attention of fishermen, boaters, hunters and outdoor enthusiasts. Firefly Publicity cost-effectively delivers product and service messages through Search Engine Optimized press releases, traditional media relations, product reviews in influential magazines, social media including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, blogs and professional athlete sponsorship management.

Smart, professional approach

Firefly Publicity’s owner, Kim Emery, is a strategic thinker and proven communicator. She has worked as a reporter, an agency executive and an international marketing communications manager. Working with both small and large budgets, she has launched new brands, participated in celebrity gifting at the Sundance Film Festival, and negotiated product placement in films. Kim’s experience includes marketing for start-ups as well as established international companies. She has hired and managed public relations firms and advertising agencies in the US, Europe and Asia.

Outdoor recreation and leisure experience

Firefly Publicity’s professionals have been talking with your consumer for over 20 years. We’ve taken the time to understand what’s important to them and how to speak their language. We’ve also established relationships with the magazines they read for information about their outdoor obsessions. We’ve helped clients earn coveted awards like Field & Stream’s Best of the Best and Outside Magazine’s Gear of the Year.

Over the years we’ve helped companies like yours market their:

  • fishing line
  • fishing rods and reels
  • trolling motors
  • fishing lures and attractants
  • personal flotation devices
  • boat anchors
  • optics
  • hunting boots
  • boat shoes
  • hiking boots
  • outdoor apparel
  • insect repellents
  • resorts
  • hotels
  • restaurants
  • airports
  • cruise terminals
  • convention centers
  • cities
  • even helped a country market itself.

Contact us to learn more about how we can help you:

  • Generate more free press coverage
  • Reach more consumers
  • Strengthen your relationships with customers
  • Increase sales

Firefly Publicity,;

Helping companies with:

  • hunting public relations
  • fishing public relations
  • boating public relations
  • camping public relations
  • outdoor recreation public relations
  • leisure recreation public relations
  • travel public relations
  • hospitality public relations

Kim Emery

Firefly Publicity's owner, Kim Emery, secures great press coverage for her outdoor clients through strategic PR plans, search-engine-optimized press releases and established relationships with media and industry insiders.