Grizzly Coolers Keep It Cold For The Duration Of Extended Stays And While Bringing Home Big Game

DECORAH, IA (March 15, 2020) – Grizzly Coolers retain ice and keep contents cold for the duration. Grizzly Coolers offers a variety of sizes of bear-resistant, Made-in-USA coolers that match your group size, activity or trip length.

If you’re setting up a base camp or planning an extended stay, add the Grizzly 100 or 165 to your gear list.

The Grizzly G100 is designed and rotomolded with durability and performance in mind. It’s built to be loaded with fish caught or meat harvested. Pre-trip, stock the 100 QT cooler to capacity with beverages, snacks and meals. Capacity is 30 lbs. of ice and 95 12 oz cans. Suggested retail $449.99.

The Grizzly G165 is a heavy-duty cooler that can retain ice for over seven days. Two quartered elk will fit within this bear proof cooler. Or you could fill this 165 QT cooler with 50 lbs. of ice and 152 12 oz cans! You could easy say this is a large cooler. Suggested retail $549.99.

If you want a big cooler for big game, this 400 QT cooler is it. The Grizzly G400 fits in a truck bed and will protect your precious meat on the drive home. The Grizzly G400 will hold 60 lbs. of ice and 504 12 oz cans. Go ahead and test our math yourself! Visit to check cooler dimensions and learn about delivery options specifically for this huge cooler. Suggested retail $999.99.

Grizzly hard-sided coolers have these features:

  • RotoTough™ rotationally molded, durable construction with food safe plastic
  • Environmentally friendly pressure-injected polyurethane foam insulation
  • Molded-in hinge with stainless steel pin
  • Dual 2” drain plug for easy, quick draining
  • Full length drain channels for complete draining
  • BearClaw™ Latches require no hardware and keep a secure grip
  • Non-slip, non-marking rubber feet (Slick feet are also included)
  • Molded-in heavy duty handles
  • Rope handle with nylon-sleeved rubber handle
  • 2” Tiedown slots to help keep your cooler secure in your truck, boat or UTV
  • Dry ice compatible
  • Locking system with two lock holes to keep cooler secure and contents safe
  • Embossed ruler on lid for measuring your catch
  • Dry goods tray helps separate items
  • Rubber gasket makes a perfect seal to keep cold air trapped
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Made in USA
  • Bear-resistant, IGBC Certification so cooler can be used in US National Parks
  • Available in White, Tan

“Grizzly Coolers are built to retain ice and keep contents cold over the long haul,” explained Ethan Pole, Grizzly Coolers Marketing Director. “We rigorously test our coolers and offer a lifetime warranty because we’re committed to delivering a premium product.”

Grizzly hard-sided coolers are available now at outdoor and online retailers, including Suggested retail price starts at $449.99.

About Grizzly Coolers: 

Grizzly Coolers is most known for its rotomolded, bear-resistant, Made-in-USA hard-sided Grizzly Coolers. Grizzly Coolers also makes soft-sided coolers, insulated drinkware and innovative hunting blinds. Learn more about all its products, its rigorous product testing process and where you can buy these quality products at


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