New BulletBobber Promises More Fishing, Less Casting

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Fishermen Can Maneuver Around Obstacles Eliminating the Need to Recast

NORTON, OH (July 2009) — BulletBobber castable planer boards are a welcome addition to any fishing tackle box. This patented device is engineered with two keels and wings to provide directional control. Fishermen can quickly change the direction of their bait or lure with the flick of the fishing rod. The right-to- left motion of the BulletBobber fishing bobber provides a natural movement and presentation. You have to see it in action to begin to understand the new possibilities for enhancing your fishing and ability to catch more fish. Check out the videos at BulletBobber fishing float’s direction-changing ability allows fishermen to steer around structure, docks or weed beds. By reducing the need to cast, lures remain in the strike zone longer allowing fish more time to grab your bait. The technique is easy to master for novices, fishing guides and professional fishermen alike.

The BulletBobber fishing floats can use the current like a kite uses the wind. You can “Set It and Forget It” because it will hold position like a kite. Changing and churning currents will give a lure action all day long.

Families with young fishermen will quickly learn to appreciate this new invention. It reduces the need to cast – reducing birds’ nest untangling time and potential hook injuries. Kids will love making the BulletBobber flip over and change direction and color – and being able to do it themselves.

The BulletBobber works well with most fishing techniques and locations.

  • Live bait or lures
  • Rod and reel spinning and casting
  • Can be rigged as a slip float.
  • Works for all species of game fish.
  • Kayak, Canoe, and Powerboat; Troll, Drift, or Cast
  • Shore or bank fishing
  • Dock and Pier fishing
  • Fresh Water and Salt Water

“The new BulletBobber invented by Paul Lieb in Ohio has me excited. It offers the angler unlimited possibilities to use not only live bait, but also artificial lures. I am now convinced the fishing world should know about this fish catching secret weapon,”  says Johnnie Crain, retired pro Bass Tournament Fisherman and Midwest fishing writer.

The two-toned translucent orange/green BulletBobber is offered in four sizes – small, medium, large and extra large, priced from $2.50 – $8. A combo pack with one of each size is available for $16. BulletBobber provides recommended lure size/weights for each BulletBobber size for optimal performance. Easy to understand standard rigging instructions are included in each package. Glow sticks are also available for inserting into the BulletBobber.

Based in Norton, OH, BulletBobber Enterprises is a family-owned business committed to delivering new technology to make fishing more functional and pleasurable. For more information or to purchase BulletBobber products, visit


BulletBobbers are available in 4 sizes.

BulletBobbers are available in 4 sizes.

Company media contact for BulletBobber: George Dokoupil, 305.648.6800,

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  1. bulbob on September 6, 2009 at 7:18 pm

    3D Fishing Techniques Catch more Fish

    The challenge in fishing can be summarized in one short statement.
    “To present a lure or bait to the fish in a way that triggers a strike.”

    It doesn’t matter what size or species of fish you fish for or type of rod and reel you use to fish. Until the BulletBobber came along in 2006 there were only 3 basic fishing techniques available for shore fisherman.

    1. Stationary bait on the bottom.
    2. Suspended bait using a fishing float (fixed depth or slip rigged).
    3. Cast and retrieve.

    You really don’t have to try too hard to visualize how limiting these options are in a 3 dimensional world. Look at the shore fisherperson from 100 foot above casting and retrieving and you’ll see the line go out and come back on the same path (unless pushed by the current towards the bank). Look sideways at the cross section of a “cast and retrieve” and you’ll see that controlling the retrieval speed is required to control the depth. Lipped lures go deeper when you reel faster where all others rise up and they all stay on the straight path as seen from above. The BulletBobber is the ONLY device that can get off the path and reverse direction. The BulletBobber is the ONLY device that extends the distance your lure travels beyond the distance you cast and can travel up to 10 times further then the cast.

    BulletBobber Enterprises was formed in 2006 . This invention has opened up fishing laterally to make fishing much more 3 dimensional and much more fun. The BulletBobber is a fishing float that glides left or right when you reel or if there is a current and it flips direction with the flick of the wrist. It totally eliminates the need to recast if there is some current or allows you to hold position in the current. If there is no current you can reel to make it go left or right with on-demand direction control. The BulletBobber has 4 flutes (2 wings and 2 keels). It has an eccentric or angled hole that runs thru the wings. You thread your fishing line thru the hole and put in a little plastic wedge pin to secure the line and lure to the depth you want. Or you can slip rig it for full 3 Dimensional controls all from a single line.

    Here is how you rig and fine tune the BulletBobber to overcome strong side winds or under currents. You move the line from the standard 9 O’clock position toward or to the 6 or 12 O’clock if it doesn’t want to flip one way as easy as the other.


    >))))º> J <º((((<

    Paul Lieb
    BulletBobber Enterprises
    Making Fishing More FUNctional

  2. making fishing lures on June 5, 2011 at 6:10 am

    Great article! Thanks.
    Man. I wish I was out fishing today. Talk about nice weather. Oh well, have to wait until I can take more time off from work.
    Thanks again.