New York-Natives Reveal Ruffed Grouse Hunting Tips Just In Time For Grouse Season

New York natives Jay Kumar and Brendan Haines  recently released “Serious Grouse Hunting: Book 1” which is about one thing: Improving your ruffed grouse hunting. New tips on finding habitat and parsing the habitat you do find, walking-up grouse (with and without a dog), getting grouse to flush, the best ways to get a shot, gun and shell choices, modern gear pros and cons, and much more. Serious Grouse Hunting takes a 70-year old conversation about grouse hunting and brings it into the 21st Century.

All bird hunters will enjoy this book, and those who aren’t yet Serious about grouse hunting will be after reading it!

Readers will:

  • Improve grouse hunting abilities
  • Understand countless new hunting strategies and age-old secrets with easy-to-understand illustrations and entertaining, down-to-earth explanations
  • Learn how to harness the power of technologies like Google Earth to advance hunting skills
  • Discover which time-honored grouse hunting tactics are now debunked

“We wrote this book for several reasons,” explained author Jay Kumar. “One is we love to grouse-hunt. Two is that we wish we’d read a book like this, and since no one had written one, we did. Three, the how-to info in the sport seriously needed updating. And a fourth reason is that we’re eternal students of the sport, and really want this book to start some new conversations about grouse hunting and upland hunting generally. We’ll keep those conversations going at our website, We just can’t get enough bird hunting info, and we know we’re not alone!”

Co-author Brendan Haines added, “As Serious Bird Hunters, we love hammering ditch chickens just like everyone else. But to us, ruffed grouse hunting is the pinnacle of serious bird hunting. If you hunt grouse, you may not agree with everything in the book but should learn at least one thing that will help you bag more birds. If you haven’t hunted grouse yet, reading this book will make you want to.”

“Serious Grouse Hunting: Book 1″ has 200+ pages with photos and illustrations. Available now for purchase, the cover price is $29.95 – much cheaper than hiring a guide for the day and hunters will learn much more from the book. In fact, grouse books were selling for more than $20 two decades ago!

About the Authors – Jay Kumar and Brendan Haines

The authors don’t claim to be grouse experts, but are serious students of grouse hunting. Both are entrepreneurs who make sure those few precious months of grouse season are spent as much as possible in the woods.

Jay Kumar is a published author with a long and successful history in outdoors media. His novel, Dark Woods — an outdoor thriller called “Jaws in the woods” — was published by Berkley Books, a division of Penguin. The novel received stellar reviews on and the publisher has requested another book.

While running a publishing company in Washington, DC, he was a senior writer for a few major fishing and hunting publications. In 2001 he started his own outdoors web-media company, BassFan LLC, which became OutdoorsFan Media, the largest group of websites covering competitive outdoor sports. He sold the company to Intermedia Outdoors in 2007. At the time, it was the first profitable web-media-centric company sold anywhere in the world. Jay also co-hosted and co-developed a weekly in-studio show on ESPN2 called “Loudmouth Bass.”

Brendan Haines is a successful entrepreneur in the outdoor advertising business, and was born to be a Serious Grouse Hunter. He was either a bird or a fox in a former life, has bird instincts Jay and probably some dogs would kill for, and also is a heck of a shot. He got real Serious about grouse at age 12 when he and his father bought a sweet Spanish 28ga SxS and Brendan began stalking the thunderbirds through the woods mano a mano. He’s an avid student of everything grouse and yes, is responsible for roping his buddy Jay into this crazy sport.


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