How to Select Your Next Hunting Boot

Irish Setter Ravine 2880

Irish Setter Ravine hunting boot

Selecting the right hunting boot and the right fit will make a big difference in your outdoor experience.  Kim Emery, spokesperson for Irish Setter boots, is sharing some general information to help you start out the hunting season on the right foot.

Hunting boots can be divided into different categories based on terrain and weather conditions. The upper materials, linings and soles are the variables that make these boots work in different environments. To properly select a boot you should think about what you’ll be walking through, the wetness, the temperature, scent control and the terrain underfoot.

The boot upper is the part of the boot that’s above the sole. It supports your ankle and protects your foot against abrasions from sticks, thistles and rocks. The upper materials are usually leather or leather with nylon fabric. Leather provides support and protection and will be sturdier than most fabrics in rocky conditions. Leather quality can vary quite a bit. The top of the line is a full grain waterproof or water-resistant leather. Lower priced boots often incorporate more nylon or use split leathers. Fabric panels can help make the boot more lightweight, flexible and affordable. Fabric panels frequently use popular camouflage patterns to complement your hunting clothes.

Waterproofing is another feature that can be extremely important for hunters. In extreme cases cold, wet feet can lead to a medical emergency. If you’re walking through dewy grass in the morning, you may only need a water-resistant leather without a waterproofing system.

Another major consideration in your footwear selection is insulation. Choose your insulation need by the air temperature, ground temperature and amount of foot movement. If you’re planning to hunt in a warm climate you’ll probably want a non-insulated product.  Insulation is measure in grams. Two hundred grams is about the least amount of insulation you can buy in footwear. Insulation numbers increase from there to 2000 grams. Deer hunters need to balance their need for a non-sweaty walk in and out with the need for a comfortably warm foot while stationery in a deer-stand, not generating any foot heat.

Big game hunters often value scent-control when hunting at close range. Some scent control products block foot odors from escaping. Others approach scent control by killing odor-causing bacteria. This process can be applied to various materials from leathers to linings to footbeds.

Last but not least are the soles. Soles provide varying levels of traction, cushioning, shock absorption, lateral stability and flexibility. Try to balance your need for flexibility, which makes walking easier, with durability which provides longer wear over time.

Tread size is critical when selecting a boot. A shallow tread works best for varying upland terrain to limit mud and debris pick-up. A deeper, more aggressive tread works best for mountainous and hilly terrain. Manufacturers provide a variety of options so you should be able to find the right one for your needs.

Hunting boots play a critical role in the enjoyment and success of your hunting experience. Take the time to find the right hunting boot so you won’t need to think about your boots during your hunt, just the hunt itself.


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