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Irish Setter VaprTrek hunting boot

It’s time to check out existing hunting gear to make sure it’s ready for another season in the woods and fields. Gear is just as important as strategy to ensure a successful outing. “Footwear is a critical piece of gear that can make or break a hunting experience. Hunting boots that don’t perform can make a good day of hunting go bad quickly. And no one wants to be the weak link that cuts the day short for everyone,” said Irish Setter boots public relations manager Kim Emery.

Several problems can result from hunting in boots that are past their prime according to Emery. Holes, cracks and tears can allow water to enter the boot which creates an unpleasant feeling and can hasten hypothermia and trench foot. A separating sole can lead to a trip or fall or complete sole failure. Not something you want to happen when you’re miles from camp. Overly soft leather reduces ankle support which can lead to sprains. Soles may go flat without proper arch support. Poorly fitting footwear can cause annoying calluses, blisters or corns. Walking in poorly fitting shoes or boots can lead to knee and back problems.

“It’s always best to select a high quality boot like Irish Setters. But if they don’t fit properly, even the best boots can give you problems,” advised Emery.

So inspect your boots now to determine if you need to replace them. Footwear experts advise replacing boots if:

  • Holes or cracks in outsole
  • Worn heel or outsole
  • Sole separating from boots
  • Broken lace hooks or lost eyelets
  • Hole in upper fabric or leather
  • Leather that’s damaged or worn thin
  • Soft or crumpled leather or fabric at back of heel
  • Broken midsole or shank
  • Degraded cushioning under the foot
  • Fallen arch support
  • Torn lining
  • Tight fit or sloppy fit


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